Sunday, February 24, 2013

Science in the car: TMBG

Sing along to science related songs in the car

Appropriate Age Level

4+ (at least my 3yo wasn't into it)          

Science Learned
How Blood Works in the Body
Hydrogen Cars
Colors of the Rainbow etc.

Materials Needed

They Might Be Giants - Here Comes Science CD, usually found at a local library but can be found here on Amazon.

1. Play the CD on the go in the car to expose the kiddos to science concepts such as the one listed above.

2. Disclaimer: Tracks 1 and 6 are of the secular humanist view point, so disregard these tracks if this is something that conflicts with your faith.

3. Quiz the kids when getting out of the car on some of the science facts they could have learned while listening. Here are some example questions: 
     a. Can you name some elements?
     b. What are some or all of the colors of the rainbow?
     c. Why is pluto no longer a planet?
     d.  How does hydrogen power a car?
     e. What is the sun made out of?
     f. What life forms participate in photosynthesis?
     g. How does the scientific method work?
     h. What dinosaurs can you name?
     i. What are some of the states of matter?

4. There is also an accompanying DVD that you could play at home and do the same thing at home.  Here is a video from the DVD.

Time Allotted
5 or more minutes depending on how many songs you want to listen to and discuss. 


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